5 Reasons to Look After Your Microbiome

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1. A healthy microbiome can give you more energy!

The beneficial bacteria in your gut help you to extract nutrients from your food.

They support and create energy production, and are important for essentially every bodily system to function properly.

They also release chemicals that can boost mood and cognitive function, allowing you to feel more energized!

2. The right bacteria can ward off disease.

Bacteria in your gut signal immune cells to create and release protective substances which keep inflammation and allergies at bay.

They also inhibit growth of harmful microbes, helping to prevent various diseases and health conditions.

3. Supporting your mood and mental state.

Some microbes in our gut secrete
chemicals that regulate our hormones, affecting how we think, how we feel, and even how we sleep!

We can become more resilient to
life's challenges when we have a healthy microbiome providing the right balance of chemicals.

4. Eating can become more pleasurable again!

If the microbiome is "out of whack", we can experience discomfort, such as bloating or constipation, after eating some foods.

This can result in us avoiding some food groups.

A healthy microbiome supports optimal digestion and regularity, reducing the risk of unpleasant symptoms.

5. A healthy microbiome = less body aches and pains.

Gut microbes help to prevent pathogens and other substances from entering our bloodstream, preventing inflammation.

Less inflammation often equates to less aches and pains, allowing us move more freely without the worry and discomfort!

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