Your microbiome is the key to living without bloating.

A healthy gut microbiome maintains optimal digestion.

Treat the cause of bloating, not the symptoms...

biomiq is a new generation bacterial therapy for bloating, and is...

- Cost-effective (~$1.60/day)
- Easy to purchase
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- Delivered to your door
(within 1 week)

Need some help?

Studies show that consumption of some Lactobacillus strains reduces symptoms of bloating, abdominal discomfort, and gastric pain in 89% of people.*

How does biomiq help with bloating?

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When patients ingested specific Lactobacillus strains;

~ Bloating was no longer present in 89% of patients.*
~ Constipation frequency and severity decreased.*
~ Bloating and abdominal distention severity was relieved.*
~ Digestive system health was maintained and supported.*
~ Healthy digestive system flora was enhanced.*

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Customer Stories

“I have been using biomiq for around 4 months now, and my bloating has definitely subsided.” ~ Priscilla, 50

“My symptoms have subsided at least 50% - pretty much no bloating and a lot less pain.” ~ Michael, 28

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Scientifically Backed

biomiq digestive contains live and active forms of two scientifically-validated strains.

The concentration of our formulation is not just made-up numbers! Too few organisms are likely to be non-efficacious, and too many could make symptoms worse!

Instead, our formulation is made at specific doses that are scientifically supported in peer-reviewed studies.

 *Supporting Scientific Literature

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