Boost Your Immune System

We all have those times in life when we feel like we are constantly getting sick, and feeling tired and run down.

Did you know that the microbiome effectively 'trains' your immune system, and produces important chemical signals that strengthen it?

Consuming a few billion extra 'immune system regulating' bacteria can help you stay healthier!

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How does biomiq boost your immune system?

- Increases number and activation of T-cells

- Increased activation of immune factors: (CD25, HLA-DR, NK T-cells and phagocytosis)

- Induces IL-12 and cell-mediated immunity

- Decreased occurrence of gastroenteritis and upper respiratory tract infections (coughs and colds)

Happier with Biomiq

"biomiq has given me energy i didnt even know I had" ~Flora, 67

" I haven't felt under the weather or had a day off work sick since starting on biomiq." ~ Peta, 41

Your Immune system depends on a healthy microbiome!

A healthy microbiome helps protect against pathogen invasions, and releases a repertoire of chemical signals, which stimulate and promote effective immune system function.

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