Who are we?

We are a team of hardworking microbiome scientists, who wanted to create a range of high-quality, microbiome-health products, based on rigorous scientific research at clinically relevant doses. We were founded in 2017, and are based in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Between us, we have over one hundred years of scientific experience and expertise. We have a longstanding relationship with Australian biotech company Servatus, a global leader in the research and development of autoimmune and immunomodulatory treatments and microbiome therapeutics. This relationship allows us to practice thorough and continuous scientific research of the microbiome and its effects, in world-class facilities.


Our Products

There are so many microbiome products out there, some better than others. So we wanted to make something that we could be proud of, that we know is of the highest standard, and based on solid scientific research and 3rd party testing. 

We research, develop, and produce all our products right here on the coast. As we control all aspects of our product development we know exactly what goes into our products, why we are using these specific strains, and where all our ingredients came from. That means we can be sure our products are of the highest calibre.