Built by nature, perfected by science.

biomiq is a producer and manufacturer of live microbial products.

Founded by scientists passionate about health and the human microbiome. From more than 100 years of collective experience and scientific expertise in health and microbiome, biomiq has evolved to be a brand synonymous with quality.

biomiq has a longstanding relationship with Australian biotech company Servatus, a global leader in the research and development of autoimmune and immunomodulatory drugs and microbiome therapeutics. This relationship allows us to practice thorough and continuous scientific research of the microbiome and its effects. It is this scientific focus that means we are able to provide world class, scientifically backed and effective products that are proudly 100% Australian owned and made.


Unique and important to you

Your microbiome is unique to you. No-one in the world has the same microbiome as you do. Your microbiome starts forming at birth and is influenced by your environment as you grow – the things you touch, breathe, eat and drink. The microbes in your gut send instructional cues to your immune cells; your microbiome is the foundation of how your immune system functions. The gut microbiome also defends against harmful microorganisms, as well as signalling to your internal organs and body cells, such as your brain and liver, influencing how they behave.

Your microbiome and your health

We know that 80% of your immune cells are found in your gut and that there is constant communication between them and your microbiome. We know that a significant proportion of all diseases are linked to your gut/microbiome health. We know that your microbiome plays a part in all sorts of health conditions, from low level complaints to the most severe conditions.

A well balanced, healthy microbiome means having a large variety of different bacteria. However, there are bacteria that are naturally found in a healthy microbiome, which are also found in fermented foods and dietary supplements. The well known Lactobacillus species (of which there are over 150) has been extensively studied for their health promoting effects and various Lactobacillus species have been shown to positively influence the immune system, gut function, skin health, improve mood and energy levels and reduce inflammatory conditions.

When the delicate balance of the normal microbiome is disturbed, it leads to an unbalanced representation of bacterial species that can disrupt the healthy relationship between the microbes and the human host. This disruption is referred to as dysbiosis and can lead to ill-health and disease.


What is microbiome dysbiosis?

Your microbiome is a living ecosystem and is susceptible to disruptions from your environment and behaviour which can significantly impact your health. Common examples include a poor diet lacking in fibre, antibiotic use, stress, poor sleep and insufficient physical activity. All the things associated with a typical Western lifestyle.

There is still much to learn but a dysbiotic microbiome has been associated with many areas of poor health.

Health from every angle

By understanding the factors that influence your microbiome, we can positively influence the balance of microbes towards a more healthful life. Evidence-based key factors include substantially increasing a plant-based diet abundant in natural fibres, nutrients and phytochemicals, increasing daily physical activity, improving sleep patterns and improving responses to daily stresses.

A biomiq life

Certain beneficial live bacterial species may help to consolidate the recommended dietary and lifestyle changes.