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biomiq Customer Stories

~formulated by microbiome experts on Australian soils;
~no unnecessary ingredients or additives;
~no dairy, no sugar, no GMOs, no gluten;
~no unnecessary bacterial CFUs;
~just specific strains of beneficial bacteria, at specific beneficial concentrations;

Read on to see what our customers have to say about biomiq's live microbial therapeutic products...

~75% of our test market found a meaningful improvement to specific ailments;

~ 80% noticed a meaningful improvement in their gut health;

~75% said they would recommend it to friends and family.

Our Customer Stories...

I have been using biomiq for 4 months now, and my bloating has definitely subsided. I feel like I have much more energy. ~ Pricilla, 50, Victoria

Being a working mum of 2 kids, and being tired a lot, taking biomiq for 5 months has really helped me with my energy levels but also along with settling my stomach and not being so bloated.” ~ Sally, 43, Melbourne

Support gut health; relieve bloating; happy family; microbiome
Rach, 45, VIC ~

“I’ve been taking this now for 9 months and have been amazed at the results. I feel that my sleep is more restful, and I no longer suffer from bloating. I really notice the difference when I run out or don’t take it. I have been referring all my friends and family, hoping they feel as great as I do when taking it.” 

Jenny, 55, Melb ~

“Since starting Biomiq, I have noticed a marked improvement in my gastrointestinal health. Bloating and the pain associated with it have decreased noticeably. As well, bowel regularity has been very much improved.“

Fleur, 48, QLD ~

“I started using Biomiq recently and I have to say I feel so much better - I typically have terrible indigestion problems and have now stopped all other medication that I normally use. I would highly recommend Biomiq.”

Michael, 28, NSW ~

“G’day! I say my symptoms have subsided at least 50% - pretty much no bloating and a lot less pain.”

Susan, 54, location not provided ~

“Taking biomiq has really helped me with my symptoms. I am much more consistent when I go to the toilet now, as my toilet breaks are now more regular and timelier.”

Sarah, 43, VIC ~

“Since taking biomiq I have noticed an overall improvement in my gut health and my digestive system is like clockwork. It’s making a real difference to my wellbeing.”

Pim, 46, VIC ~

"biomiq it really is
amazing stuff. I felt great and it definitely helped me cleaning my gut, as going to the toilet has always been an issue for me.”

Mel, 36, VIC~

“I had been taking biomiq for
2 months, then stopped. Looking back, it really helped me with constipation that I have been suffering from. Now I am back!”

Mike, 44, location not provided ~

“Biomiq has helped me feel overall healthier. I exercise a lot and often suffer from tiredness. I feel that correcting my gut balance has helped me be able to train at a higher intensity, without being as tired.”

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