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From ageing to immune health, learn more about your microbiome and how important it really is.


Beginners' guide to the microbiome:

Not sure about what the microbiome is and why it's important? Need a place to start learning? Click here.



How to create a healthy microbiome:

The Western lifestyle can significantly impact your microbiome. Learn more about simple daily changes you can make to improve your microbiome diversity and overall health.



What is microbiome dysbiosis?




Immune system and the Microbiome:

Your microbiome is the foundation of your immune system function. Without a balanced and healthy microbiome, your immune system cannot function properly. Click here to learn why.



 Digestion and the Microbiome:

Hippocrates once said that the gut was the seat of all diseases. We now know that the majority of your microbiome is found in your gut, as well as 70% of your immune cells. Learn how your microbiome impacts digestion and how microbiome dysbiosis can cause a range of digestive disorders.




Aging and the microbiome: 

Your microbiome changes with age. Recent research has linked a number of conditions associated with aging to the microbiome. Such as arthritis, decreased mobility, dementia, and digestive troubles. Click here to learn more about the science behind this topic, and why we think the microbiome changes as we age.


Mental health and the Microbiome:
A dysbiotic gut microbiome can impact your mood, mental health, energy levels, and sleep. Click here to learn more about the science behind the 'gut-brain axis'.


 Skin conditions and the Microbiome.

When we think of the microbiome, we tend to immediately think of the digestive system, but what about the largest organ on the body: the skin!