How can biomiq Immune help?

biomiq helps prevent coughs, colds, flu, and allergy symptoms by replenishing your microbiome with health-promoting microbes.

What is biomiq?

biomiq contains living, clinically-validated species of bacteria demonstrated to enhance human health.
biomiq Immune is a live biotherapeutic product designed to rebalance the microbiome.

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What is a microbiome?

...and what does it have to do with your health?

Your microbiome is the collection of microbes living in your body.

They help to break down the foods you eat, regulate digestion, and
support your immune system.

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Based on Scientific Evidence

Made in partnership with Australia’s leading microbiome research company, Servatus Ltd.

Servatus carries out clinical trials for a range of chronic, autoimmune and infectious diseases using microbiome-based

How do I order?

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