Treat the causes of constipation not just the symptoms.

7 important things you need to know about constipation…

1. Can constipation be treated?

Yes, in a number of cases. Though remember, treatment is different from symptom relief.

2. What is biomiq? 

A product containing a unique combination of live, clinically-supported bacteria to rebalance your microbiome and relieve constipation.

3. What does biomiq do?


hard stools

discomfort/abdominal pain

(in people with constipation.*)

bowel movement frequency

healthy stool consistency

healthy gastrointestinal flora

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4. What evidence is there that biomiq works?

A lot. Apart from the scientific research and clinical studies regarding our ingredients and our positive customer feedback (and no we don’t ask for nice reviews from our friends)… in three separate trials undertaken both by us and independently, we consistently saw real improvement in constipation. (You may also be interested to know that, as of November 2021, ~60% of our sales are repeat customers, in other words, people like what they buy.)

Our products are developed in an exclusive partnership with Australia’s leading microbiome therapeutic R&D company, Servatus (

5. How much does a bottle cost? 

Approximately $1.60/day for a month + p/h.

6. How can I order?

Click here to order. Discreet delivery to your door usually takes 3-7 days after purchase.

7. Anything else?

Yes! Merry Christmas!
We are offering 2-for-1 for our Digestive collection for the month of December. This means $0.80 per day. Use the code December at checkout.