...Plagued with coughs and colds?

We all have those times in our lives were we feel like we are constantly sick, run-down, and catching every cough and cold going around!

Did you know that a healthy microbiome is crucial for optimal immune system function?

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How can biomiq help?

- Clinically validated to reduce occurrence of respiratory tract infections

- Reduces common cold occurrence and duration

- Promotes and stimulates important immune factors

- Stimulates healthy immune response

- Increases general health and wellbeing

Customer stories...

"since taking biomiq I have felt more energetic and haven't been sick in months" - Ron, 38

"I am convinced that biomiq is the reason I haven't had to take a single sick day off work in several months now" - Sharni, 24

-Ingestion of Lactobacillus paracasei significantly reduces occurrence and duration of sickness episodes.

-Clinical trial participants who consumed L. paracasei daily, had a decreased occurrence of acute gastroenteritis and upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), & also resulted in significantly reduced medication use compared with a placebo.

Ingestion of L. casei resulted in a significant reduction in duration of sickness episodes from 5.0 sick days to only 2.8 sick days, and a significant reduction in incidence of URTI’s, and a reduction in common cold incidences.

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Consume 20ml of our live bacterial formulation daily to improve immune system function and reduce duration of common coughs and colds.

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