Biomiq Acne

Biomiq Acne

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The natural way to beautifully healthy skin

Biomiq Skincare prevents and treats acne by rebalancing and restoring the skins natural microbiome and fights off acne- and pimple-causing microbes.

A natural solution to your skin problems

Biomiq Acne restores and replenishes the skins natural microbiome, whilst eliminating acne causing microbes. Leaving your skin fresh, healthy and blemish free.

Harness the power of microbes

One of the most common reasons for poor skin health is an imbalanced skin microbiome.

Biomiq helps clear and rebalance the skin without any antibiotics, harsh chemicals, or oral treatments.


Lactobacillus filtrate [94.4%]; Ceramide Complex [5%]; Parfum or Fragrance [0.6%].

Directions for Use

Please do a patch test before use.
Apply to clean, dry skin.
Gently dab or wipe on affected area twice a day.
Allow to dry for 5 minutes before applying any further products to the affected area (e.g. sunscreen or cosmetics).

Biomiq Skincare

An exciting new microbiome based therapeutic product from biomiq.
Welcome to our new skincare line.