Gut Microbiome Products

Which product is right for me?

Our products are designed specifically for different indications:

  • biomiq Wellbeing is designed to help you maintain your general health and wellbeing. The perfect product for those who want to feel at their best every day.
  • biomiq Immune is formulated to help reduce the occurrence and duration of upper respiratory tract infections, while boosting efficiency of immune responses.
  • biomiq Digestive is formulated to reduce the occurrence of constipation and bloating, support a healthy digestive system and reduce/ relive abdominal discomfort.  Take biomiq Digestive if you are in need of a digestive system overhaul.
How long will it take to see/feel/experience results?

Everyone’s microbiome is unique. This means everyone’s microbiome will respond differently when biomiq’s bacterial strains are introduced. Some individuals may see results within a few days, for others it may take a little longer.

Why does the taste of the products change over time?

Our products are live and active formulations of beneficial bacterial strains. Therefore, once reanimated, the taste of the formulation may differ slightly from day to day over the 7-day consumption period. This is normal.

I left my reanimated bacteria out of the fridge for several hours - is it safe to consume and will it still be effective?

We ran numerous tests and found that cell counts (CFUs) did not drop when left for several hours at room temperature (25^C). However, we recommend storing our bacteria in a refrigerator for optimal stability and longevity.

I have a chronic inflammatory disease – can I use this product?

As we have not carried out clinical testing in specific disease states, we cannot recommend the use of our product for treatment of serious medical conditions. Please consult your GP for specific medical advice.

I am currently taking other prescription medications – can I still use these products?

There are no formally acknowledged detrimental interactions between prescription medicines and ingestion of our bacterial strains. The bacteria in our products are human-associated species and are generally regarded as safe for use. However, as these interactions have not been formally tested, we always recommend consulting your GP for specific medical advice.

I reconstituted the bacterial powder in an incorrect amount of water, is it still okay to consume?

This will depend on the amount of water used. If you have added too much water you will simply have diluted the product too much; therefore if you stay under 20ml per day you should not feel any side effects. To avoid this happening, we recommend using our biomiq branded glass storage container which will prevent over dilution of the product. You will receive a free biomiq Starter kit when you make your first biomiq purchase.

Can children or pregnant women safely use biomiq products?

This product has not been clinically tested on pregnant women or children. Therefore, this product is not indicated for use in children or pregnant women. As always, please read the label warnings before use and consult your medical practitioner for specific medical advice.


Which skincare product is right for me?
  • Acne wipes – For people who want the convenience of single-use wipes to prevent and control persistent acne, whilst also strengthening their skin’s natural defense system with microbiome-enhancing ingredients. Contains the highest concentration of our signature postbiotic, these wipes actively fight acne-causing bacteria so you can get blemishes and redness under control rapidly.

  • Acne serum – For people who want a lightweight, easy-to-apply serum that prevents and helps to control mild acne and other blemishes, whilst also ienhancing the skin’s naturalcomplexion by supporting the skin barrier and restoration of the skin microbiome.  Recommended for combination skin or skin that is prone to dryness, the serum is best suited for acne prevention and to maintain a state of clear, smooth and hydrated acne-free skin.

  • Glow wipes – For people who want the convenience of single-use wipes loaded with potent ceramides and microbiome-enhancing ingredients that invigorate the skin leaving it radiant and healthy. Perfect for daily use, “on the go”, while travelling, or simply for everyday convenience. Best suited for skincare minimalists.

  • Glow serum – For people who want a luxurious and restorative serum, carefully curated with microbiome-enhancing, biocompatible ingredients, that infuse the skin with  the elements it needs to look and feel ultra-nourished and hydrated, for a vibrant, natural glow.
What impact do the products have on my skin’s microbiome?

biomiq skincare empowers your skin to be clear, healthy, radiant, and naturally beautiful. Using carefully selected skin-microbiome enhancing ingredients, biomiq harnesses the brilliance of nature, working with your skin, not against it. Read more here.

Why is it important to reinforce the skin’s microbiome?

The skin microbiome is a collection of microorganisms that live on the skin. These microorganisms play a vital role in maintaining your skin health and protecting it. Read more about the skin microbiome here.

How does biomiq fit within my regular skin routine?

The great thing about our biomiq products is you can choose to use as a stand alone product or incorporate into your daily skincare routine.

If you are going to use a cleanser, apply this before using the biomiq products, but why not remove this step and try the biomiq wipes instead. After you apply your biomiq skincare product, allow a few minutes to air dry before applying other products.  You may find that over time as your skin health improves you need fewer products than before.

Can I use biomiq skincare products while using prescription acne medications?

You should always consult your dermatologist if you are prescribed acne medication before using biomiq Skincare. The order of application dictates how various products are absorbed, and therefore, their efficacy. Any topical medication that your dermatologist has prescribed should be applied first after you cleanse. Applying a serum or moisturiser before a topical medication may dilute the medication.

I experienced a mild tingling when using the Acne products – is this normal?

Some people may experience mild tingling shortly after use. This is just the product working! However, if extended or severe irritation develops, please discontinue use. We always recommend patch testing on a small area 24 hours prior to use.

I noticed my skin was red after I applied the product – is this normal?

Some people’s skin is more sensitive than others. It is always recommended to patch test prior to use when using a new product, especially those with extremely sensitive skin. However, some users may experience very mild temporary redness upon the first few uses. This should pass quickly. If any redness or tingling persists after the first few applications, discontinue use.

I experienced a few breakouts within the first few days/week of using the product. Should I stop?

This is known in dermatology as “purging”. Often when introducing a new skincare product into your routine, you may experience some mild breakouts or dry, flaky skin within the first few days of product use. While this may seem like you should stop using the product, it is usually a sign that the product is starting to work. The term ‘skin purging’ refers to a reaction to an active ingredient that is increasing skin cell turnover rate. As skin cell turnover speeds up, the skin starts to shed dead skin cells faster than normal. As the surface layer of the skin is shed more quickly, our skin is expediting its recovery pushing everything to the surface. Therefore, before new and healthy cells can cycle to the surface, excess sebum, flakes and ‘build-up’ (clogged pores) aka pimples rise to the surface first.

How can I tell if it’s ‘skin purging’ or a breakout?

Purging will occur in a more defined area where you frequently breakout. Pimples that arise from purging will appear and disappear faster than a normal pimple. If you’re experiencing breakouts (or dryness) in an area where you don’t normally break out, it is most likely a response to a new product you’re using. In these cases, and if irritation persists, please discontinue use, as there is a difference between purging and having a bad reaction to a topical product. 

How long can skin purging last?

Everyone’s skin is unique, so the timeframe of this cycle will differ from person to person. Typically, this cycle can last from a few days to 28 days (a full skin cell cycle).

Do I need any other skin care products or can I now just use the wipes / serum?

biomiq believes that by restoring the foundational health of your skin your skin will look naturally beautiful and radiant without the need for additional/artificial enhancements. In other words, by improving your natural skin health from within, you may eventually find that you don’t need all those expensive creams anymore!

Do I still need to put sunscreen on - before or after wipe / serum?

Caring for your skin health is important and that means protecting your skin and its microbiome from the damage of sunburn. Our products do not contain any SPF; therefore, you will need to apply sunscreen as per normal before spending time in the sun. Apply sunscreen after you have used your biomiq skincare product. Allow 5 minutes minimum in between biomiq skincare application and sunscreen application.

Can I use them on other parts of my body than my face?

Yes, absolutely. You can apply to any regular skin surfaces that you believe may benefit, such as arms, legs, neck and torso.

Can I use biomiq skincare products while using other cosmetic products?

Yes, you can use biomiq’s skincare range as part of your regular skincare regime. Use product on clean, dry skin. Allow it to absorb and dry before applying subsequent cosmetics or sunscreens.

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