Which product is right for me?

Our products are specifically designed for different indications:

- The daily health product is designed for maintenance of general health and wellbeing. Our Immune health product is indicated for reducing the occurrence and duration of upper respiratory tract infections and gastrointestinal infections, as well as boosting efficiency of immune responses. Our digestive health product is designed for reducing the occurrence of constipation and bloating. Improving stool formation, reducing the occurrence of hard, lumpy stools and straining to have a bowel movement.

However, as everyone has their own unique existing microbiome, each individual person may have different responses when introducing our bacterial strains to your microbiome. i.e. some individuals may respond more quickly than others.

I have taken a larger/smaller dose than advised, will I be okay?

We recommend a dose range of 10-40ml per day, with an ideal dosage of 20ml per day. The reason we have this range is because every person has their own unique microbiome already established within their gut. How our bacteria interact with those existing microbes will therefore vary from person to person. Therefore, some people may need a slightly higher or lower dose to feel the benefits.

I accidentally left my reconstituted/reanimated bacteria out of the fridge for several hours! Will they be okay?

We ran numerous experiments and tests on our reanimated bacteria and found that whilst the bacteria need a minimum of ten minutes to reactivate, the cell counts (CFUs) did not drop off when left out at room temperature (25^C) for several hours. However, we recommend storing our bacteria in a refrigerator for optimal stability and longevity.

How do I sterilise my biomiq bottle?

We recommend cleaning and sterilising the biomiq bottle in between each sachet (every 7 days). The bottle should be cleaned and sterilised in a similar way to infant bottles in between uses. Wash in soapy water, and rinse thoroughly, before sterilising in boiled water or using a bottle steriliser.

Can the bottle and shot glass be cleaned in a dish washer?

We do not recommend cleaning in dish washers as the printed logo is not dishwasher proof.

I have a chronic inflammatory disease, can I use this product?

Our products have clinical validation in healthy individuals and/or individuals with mild symptoms, and are therefore not indicated for use by individuals with serious medical conditions. As we have not carried out clinical testing in specific disease states we cannot recommend the use of our product for treatment of serious medical conditions.

I am currently taking other prescription medications, can I still use this product?

You already have within you a unique microbiome housing trillions of bacterial cells. The bacteria in our products are human-associated species and are generally regarded as safe for use. There are no formally acknowledged detrimental interactions between prescription medicines and ingestion of our bacterial strains. However, as these interactions have not been formally tested in many cases we always recommend consulting your GP for specific medical advice.

I reconstituted the bacteria in an incorrect amount of water, is it still okay to consume?

This will depend on the amount of water used. Please call our helpline on 07 5357 6849 for advice.

Can this product be used by children or pregnant women?

This product has not been clinically tested on pregnant women or children. Therefore, this product is not indicated for use in children under 2 years of age or pregnant women. If you are currently trying to become pregnant please consult your GP before using this product.

I have heard that your product may help with skin conditions/allergies/mental health issues, but you do not have specific products related to these conditions? Can I use your product for these conditions and if so, which one?

Scientific studies are demonstrating an association between the microbiome and health conditions such as neurological and behavioural conditions, allergies/asthma, and several skin disorders. Therefore, consuming Live bacterial biotherapeutics may prove to be beneficial for treatment of these health conditions in future.

However, our product is not currently indicated for use as a treatment for these health conditions, as we have not specifically tested our products in individuals with these conditions.


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