Live microbial biotherapeutics are a promising new mode of treatment for a range of health conditions, from constipation to lowered immunity.

Microbial Therapy For Your Health

biomiq products are:

~ extensively researched;

~ third-party tested and verified;

~ clinically relevant strain combinations;

~ at clinically relevant doses.

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Made in Australia, with native Australian strains, by a truly Australian-owned company.

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Developed and manufactured in-house by qualified scientists, based on peer-reviewed clinical research.

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Vegan and FODMAP-friendly; dairy, gluten and GMO-free; third-party verified.

Your microbiome has the power keep you healthy, OR make you sick.

A balanced microbiome is the foundation of your overall wellbeing.

Microbiome 101
The biomiq Story

biomiq was created in 2017, by a group of microbiome scientists who confirmed that ingesting specific live microbes produced numerous health benefits in humans.

biomiq is proud to be a locally-produced, Australian-owned, microbial-based health product, made with the highest scientific rigour and care.

"We wanted to make something that we can be proud of, that we know is of the highest standard, based on solid scientific research and third-party testing"

Our Customer Stories...

"What started as part of my recovery, to bolster my immune system, is now a crucial part of my daily routine" ~ Dudley, NSW, 46

"I was taking biomiq for 2 months, then stopped. Looking back, it had really helped my constipation. Now I am back!” ~ Mel, 36


"Amazed at the results. I no longer suffer from bloating. I really notice the difference when I run out or don’t take it." ~ Rach, VIC, 45


"Without going into any graphic details, my gut has been working like clockwork since taking Biomiq, and it hadn't done that for a while before." ~ Andreas, NSW, 44


"My symptoms have subsided at least 50% - pretty much no bloating and a lot less pain.” ~ Michael, 28