Bacteria are the foundation of all life on earth! Including you!

Bacteria are the foundation of all life on earth! Including you!

In the very beginning, first there were microbes…

After microbes colonised our planet, then came everything else. Therefore, we know that every living organism on this planet has evolved in the presence of microbes, and at no point has ever been without microbes.

Every object and every living being on this planet, has its own microbiome.

You have one, your pet has one, your house plants, your kitchen benchtop, your phone screen… Everything has a community of microbes & bacteria living on it.

But instead of frantically disinfecting away these communities, we need to understand that the bacteria that surround us underpin the very foundations of our survival. We need them, they don’t need us.

Yes, everyone has their own unique microbiome, shaped over a lifetime by specific genetic and lifestyle factors. Just like a person’s genetic code is unique to them, so is their microbiome.

From the day you are born, over time, your microbiome continually develops and changes in a reflection of your day-to-day choices; the surroundings you live in, the foods you eat, the people and animals you have contact with, the medications you take, and the activities you take part in – all contribute to your microbial diversity.

Just as you play host to these microbes, these microbes take your health very, very seriously. You are their home after all, so mostly, it’s in their best interest to keep you healthy. But this relationship is a two-way street. Your microbiome can become disturbed or damaged from modern-day living, such as eating too much overly processed food, excessive chemical or medication exposure, too much stress, lack of sleep, etc. All of these lifestyle factors impact your microbiome. And if your microbiome suffers, usually your health will begin to suffer too, as the microbial diversity of you shifts to a sub-optimal state.

So, its important to remember: look after your microbiome, so that your microbiome can look after you!

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