Can I fix my acne once and for all?

Can I fix my acne once and for all?

Acne is usually controlled using overly harsh chemical methods. Unfortunately, these methods can damage skin further causing a vicious re-occurring cycle.

Recently, scientists have uncovered an essential factor for effective alleviation of acne: a healthy skin microbiome.

What’s the microbiome got to do with my skincare?

The skin microbiome is made up of tiny organisms living on and within your skin. Microbes living on your skin may sound ewwwww... but without them your skin cannot be healthy and cannot do its job of protecting you. 

When in balance, the skin microbiome lays the essential foundation for healthy, beautiful skin. However, when the equilibrium shifts, your skin is more likely to experience issues such as acne, blemishes, premature aging, losses in elasticity, tone, hydration and brightness.

Using skincare that is designed to support your skin microbiome ensures you are giving your skin the best resources to be naturally healthy, confident, and vibrant.

The biomiq Skincare range has been created with the skin microbiome in mind. Our powerhouse ingredient, Lactobacillus ferment filtrate, is featured across all of our skincare range. Supporting that star ingredient, is a science-backed formulation that has been tested and carefully vetted by our microbiome experts to create a skincare range that helps to promote balance within the delicate ecosystem of your skin.


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