What is skin purging?

Skin purging is usually limited to the first 28 days of introducing a new product or treatment and is not persistent. During purging, accumulated debris that was already present deep underneath the skin's surface (and would have eventually surfaced anyway) is brought up to the surface and removed during rapid cellular turnover. This results in sudden, temporary breakouts.

Unlike a reaction, skin purging usually manifests in regions where you typically encounter breakouts, clogged pores and congested skin, and usually subsides after a full skin cell-cycle.

Following this initial purging phase, where your skin may appear 'worse', your skin will soon appear clearer and healthier, and breakouts will be less frequent and less severe.

A "purge" commences when there is an acceleration in the rate at which the skin's cells renew themselves, which is typically what happens when a new bioactive product is introduced to your skin regime.

The increased cell renewal can force old, dead cells, as well as the surplus sebum and accumulated debris that accompanies them, to rise to the surface, resulting in breakouts. Typically small clusters of specific acne types, such as pustular breakouts, whiteheads, or blackheads will appear after a few days of use and subsides after a full skin cell-cycle has occurred.

The great news is that following this initial purging phase, where your skin may appear 'worse' for a short time, you will then notice that your skin will appear clearer and breakouts will be much less frequent and less severe. New, healthy cells will be present at the skin's surface and skin will appear more radiant and healthy. Therefore, although purging may be an annoying and frustrating process, it can be considered the necessary pathway to radiant and clear, healthy skin.

Using powerful and bioactive skincare, such as biomiq's postbiotic acne range, which actively instigates skin cell renewal will clear any accumulated debris under the surface and provide your skin with nourishment. The signature postbiotics in biomiq's formula also work hard to rebalance your skins natural microbiome. Not only treating your acne, but paving a future pathway to consistently clearer, healthier skin.

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