Empower your skin.

Biomiq skincare empowers your skin to be clear, healthy, radiant, and naturally beautiful. Using carefully selected skin-microbiome enhancing ingredients, biomiq harnesses the brilliance of nature, working with your skin, not against it.


$59.99 - or subscribe and save up to 10%

$59.99 - or subscribe and save up to 10%

$59.99 - or subscribe and save up to 10%

$59.99 - or subscribe and save up to 10%

What to expect

Skin has stronger natural defences against common skin issues such as acne and blemishes, resulting in skin that is healthy, bright and clear.

Skin microbiome is enhanced and empowered with restorative ceramides and naturally active metabolites, enhancing your skin’s natural beauty and radiance.

biomiq skincare provides the nutritive elements that skin needs to acheive a healthy skin microbiome. When the skin microbiome is balanced, your skin is naturally fresh and healthy.

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Ingredients that matter

  1. Lactobacillus Ferment Filtrate

Some skin microbes have an amazing ability to produce nutritious and beneficial compounds. By harnessing these and adding them to skincare products, clear, fresh, healthy skin can be achieved in a natural way.

  1. Phytosphingosine

This naturally-found ingredient is known to regulate skin oil production to a healthy level, and reduces redness, swelling, and blemishes associated common skin issues.

  1. Ceramides (NP, AP, EOP)

These ceramides are skincare superheroes. They are known to soothe irritated skin, enhance healing, have regenerative properties and aid in preventing damage to skin. On top of this, they strengthen natural skin barrier integrity, making your skin look healthier, clearer, and more radiant.

  1. Cholesterol

A naturally occurring lipid, cholesterol supports the skin’s natural healing and cell turnover process. It helps calm reddened skin and minimise fine lines and blemishes.

A lightweight, easy to apply serum designed to prevent and control acne and other blemishes whilst also enhancing your skin’s natural complexion through microbiome-enhancing ingredients.

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A luxurious but potent serum, carefully curated with microbiome-enhancing, biocompatible ingredients, which infuse your skin with the elements it needs to be naturally radiant, glowing, and healthy.

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I saw results after approx one week. Less new acne, existing acne healed quicker, and my skin looked more dewy.

Carissa (29)

My daughter has been using the wipes after she started developing early teenage spots. We were amazed to see such an improvement in her skin within a matter of a few days.

SIMON C (48)

Yes, it works. It took my skin around 2 weeks to get used to the product. After 2 weeks I started seeing positive results.


“It worked very efficiently to clear up my acne and made my skin look brighter. It worked pretty fast, the results were noticeable after a week with morning and night use."

Alannah (28)

“It worked on reducing my pimple breakout after maybe a week or 2 and the product smells really good. I think it was such a convenience to incorporate in my acne care."

Tasha (25)